DonateStuff is the only website offering pre-paid UPS shipping bags to send in unwanted clothing, shoes, accessories, and linens from anywhere you live in the continental US, free of charge.

Requested bags are mailed to your home within 24 hours. Just fill them up and drop them off at any UPS shipping location. The shipping labels don’t expire, so you can keep a bag at home to fill as needed to help keep closet clutter under control.

What’s more –

donated items benefit your choice of one of three national charities: AMVETS, Easter Seals, and The Purple Heart.
NONE of your donated items go to a landfill. Americans throw away an average of 68 pounds of clothing each year. So far DonateStuff is helping keep over 470,000 pounds of clothing out of landfills every week!
donations are tax deductible.

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My Review

This is such an easy site to use. I love that the bags are pre labeled and there’s no time limit to when they have to be sent in. You can get all your spring cleaning and sorting done, not pay money for trash bags or boxes, and your helping a charity at the same time. It doesn’t get much better than that. These bags are really large so you can get a lot of stuff into them. You can request 3 bags at a time, but you can request them as many times as you want so you can get as many bags as it takes to get through all your stuff. They offer home pick up for some areas, but if your not in that area you can just drop your bags at any UPS store. Easy Peasy! We are making a big move from PA to FL in June and we have so much stuff to go through! I am getting a lot of use out of!!
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