Dog Park Publishing Review and Giveaway

The mission of Dog Park Publishing is to showcase and celebrate the Pit Bull, through our calendars and other products, as a majestic, affectionate, and intelligent breed that is sorely misunderstood.

We strive to fight the stereotypes facing these dogs by featuring the Ambassadors of the breed and the organizations that support them. Every dog we feature has been rescued from his or her circumstances by a reputable organization or individual.

Our company, which advocates that all owners spay/neuter their dogs, donates a percentage of the proceeds from the sale of all of our merchandise to various pit bull rescue groups across the country.

In 2012, as of October 10th, Dog Park Publishing has made in-kind and cash donations of $17,038.00 to dozens of pit bull/dog rescues, shelters and organizations.

In 2011, we made in-kind and cash donations of $21,419.15.

In addition, our earth-friendly calendars are made from 10% post-consumer waste, with soy-based ink, that can be recycled. The paper, both chlorine- and acid-free, is FSC-certified as environmentally-conscious.


I received the

Itty Pitties Calendar
For the Love of Pit Bulls Calendar
and the
3 Loop Fleece Tug

My Review

These calendars are gorgeous!! The pictures are so beautiful and they really pop off the pages. We don’t own a Pit Bull, but my husband likes them and would like to get one eventually. I also have several friends that have them as pets. They are beautiful dogs. I gave one of the calendars to a friend as a present and I’m giving the other one to my husband, shhh he doesn’t know yet. I also got the 3 Loop Fleece Tug. I took this to my friend’s Rotti, Beethoven. He’s a big old softie lol. He loved the tug and had a blast playing with it. I was waiting to see if it would hold up, he’s a pretty big guy, and it did! It was none the worse for wear too. Very strong and good quality. Dog park publishing also has products featuring other breeds, so if Pitts aren’t your cup of tea you can find something to match your favorite fur baby.

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