Died on the Vine

Died on the Vine
Joyce Harmon

Summary- Tech writer Cissy Rayburn and her retired bureaucrat husband Jack own a winery in rural Virginia. One day, notorious MIA chaser Obadiah Winslow shows up and tells Cissy that he believes that her first husband Jimmy, shot down and reported killed in Viet Nam, survived the crash and is still alive in a Vietnamese prison. Cissy mistrusts Winslow, who has a reputation as a crackpot; she doesn’t believe him, but finds his visit disturbing.

Three days later, Cissy finds Winslow dead in the vineyard, stabbed with Jack’s pruning shears. To the local sheriff, Jack has a good motive to eliminate Winslow. Can Cissy find the real killer before the sheriff arrests Jack?

My Rating-

My Review- I’ve never read a “cozy” mystery before. I was hooked by the description. The main characters personality shines and is so down to earth you feel like you are hearing the story over a cup of coffee in her kitchen. I loved the amateur sluething in the story, it was realistic and believable. There was just enough mystery mixed in with some giggles to make this a thoroughly enjoyable book! A truly unique setting and a great cast of characters made me sad when the book ended. I want to see more of Cissy Rayburn!

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