dezign with a Z Review

offer’s a wide range of affordable and original wall designs for your Interior. Their decals are easy to apply and easy to remove. Browse the largest Online Selection of premium wall decor!

They do Writables and Custom Lettering along with the all their pre made Wall decals and stickers

They do Car Decals too! Which is what we decided to review. My husband has a 2001 Honda Accord that is his BABY lol


My Review

So like I said my husband has a 2001 Honda Accord that he loves like another child. When I got the chance to work with Dezign With a Z I knew exactly what I wanted to review. A decal for his car. He’s been wanting a dragon for his door or window for awhile now so I let him pick the blue dragon decal seen in the picture. It came shipped in a cardboard tube, stapled at the ends, and arrived in perfect condition. The decals came with a very clear and easy to follow set of instructions and the little tool to help smooth the decal when you apply it. He had no trouble applying it and it only took him about 10 min. The vinyl is real nice and applied completely flat and looks like it’s going to hold up great even in the weather we’ve been getting lately. He’s really happy with it and so am I =] I give dezign with a Z a 5/5!

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