Destiny Unhinged Excerpt

Destiny Unhinged
VANESSA anxiously waits for her birthday, a boyfriend and some much needed excitement in her dull and boring life. She soon finds herself torn between two guys. Well, I guess that is what she would call them, even though one is a dead Alien King. MAX, a dead alien who is trapped in limbo between two worlds and longs for Vanessa, his destiny, to help him home and become his Queen. He offers her his world, his heart and his future. TOBY, a good looking guy who shows an interest and a desire to be with Vanessa, has confessed that he too has a destiny that he’s meant to be with another. However, it’s a destiny he doesn’t want. The connection that Vanessa has with Max is strong but the desire she has for Toby may be even stronger. Will she accept what Destiny has in store for her or find a way to escape to find one all on her own?


I step outside; take a quick sweep around, no Toby. Turn, lock the door then turn around again and I’m about to incline against the door, but there he is. He is parked across the street, standing next to his black pick-up truck, wearing cowboy boots, and even a cowboy hat. I almost want to chuckle but I know that this is a norm for him. Thank goodness I Facebook stalked him last night and spied several pictures of him in his cowboy attire otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to contain myself if this is my first appearance of this garb. He did look handsome, very handsome actually. Actually in fact, drop dead gorgeous. Yes, the cowboy hat and boots are definitely keepers. It doesn’t take long for me to totally talk myself into this new look for him, cause it definitely works for him. Somehow I know, no matter what he wears, he would still make my heart go pitter patter. Heck, he could be shirtless for that matter. Oh, yes shirtless. Ok, don’t even go there right now. Your face will give it all away. Trying so hard to take my own advice, I decide to fidget with the deposit bag a little longer than normal before I cross the street and head in his direction. This way my face has a chance to cool down before reheating again. “Hi.” I chant softly. “Hi, Nessa. I’m glad I’m not late. I had to help a friend out with some things this afternoon and was afraid I took too long in the shower.” Ok, I can’t now envision him naked in the shower. Just stop it, will you? I did my best to remain on subject and not start undressing Toby visually as we spoke. “No, you’re perfect.” Blushing only seconds after I realize how that sounded. It doesn’t take long for me to totally talk “Oh, perfect? Really?” He looks at me with his left eyebrow arched as he waits for me to continue. “I, I, mean, um, perfect timing.” I gush. “Oh, I see. I think I like it better before when you thought I was perfect.” Damn it. How does he get me to become such a blabbering dufus when he is around, always searching for the right words to say? “I have to walk.” I respond way too quickly again. “I would hope so. Unless, of course, you would rather I try sweeping you off your feet again and I carry you to the Pop myself.” Blushing yet again, “No, I, ahh . . . um . . . mean, I have to walk over to the bank to deposit this,” holding up the locked deposit bag with this day’s money inside.

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About Kimber Shook

I’m a huge sci-fi fan. I love all the paranormal, fantasy and sci-fi genres, of course, when romance is thrown in, it just makes it even better. I grew up with a desire to write. Now being considered a middle-aged woman I have decided I’m running out of time. I stopped taking for granted the amount of time I have left to live and take matters into my own hands by actually working on a dream. Writing a novel, Destiny Unhinged. It’s a great feeling to say I’m not just waiting for life to come to me, but rather I’m going after it and not letting go.

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