Designer Liners Review

Designerliners is here to help you “dress the mess”

Finally you can smile at your very own trash!
Decorative, disposable, reusable and biodegradable trash can liners, thus far made in the USA


Designerliners come in

Polka Dot – Pink, Orange, Navy Blue, Green.

Gingham – Gold, Red.

Leopard – Black, Blue.

Toile – Red, Blue.

Tattersol – Black.

My Review

I don’t really have a “decor” style in my house. My house is a cluttered mish mash right now. My husband could care less too lol. I like the idea of Designer Liners because it’s a little bit of pretty in a house dominated by boys and mess. These are great for the small trash cans that go in the bathroom or by your desk, or even in the bedroom. There are several colors and designs to choose from. These are nice thick bags too, not super flimsy, so you can put quite a bit in them. These aren’t really “frugal”, a plastic bag from Walmart is free after all, but they are cute and add a little dress to ugly trash cans. I would buy these for my office or bathroom when we finally move into a bigger house 🙂

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