Corset Chick Review and Giveaway

Corset has a very large variety of Corsets, Corset Tops, Corset Dresses and Plus Size Corsets. They also have Corset Costumes. their prices are very low but the quality is very high!


I’ve never worn or owned a corset before. I’ve seen quite a few glowing reviews of Corset Chick over the past few months. So when I got the chance to review one I was very excited! It took me a little bit to decide which one I wanted but finally I picked the Luxurious Green and Gold Design Corset with the matching G-String.

•Finished in green tapestry with gold design
•Fully adjustable criss cross ribbon laced back
•Mild sweetheart cut
•Black lace trim to soften the cleavage line
•15 1/2″ in length including lace trim (front of the corset)
•Cut shorter at the back for added comfort
•Sturdy row of metal clasps on the front of the corset
12 light-weight bones through-out

My Review

I am very happy with this corset, as is my husband lol. The quality is amazing. In my head I’ve always thought corset=uncomfortable but boy was I wrong! This does have the bones in it but I was very comfortable in it and was able to move around freely. The tapestry material is soft and not rough or itchy so this is easy to wear. The only issue I had was with the laces on the back, I had to tell my husband it was ok to make them tighter, he thought he was going to suffocate me lol. This isn’t one I would wear out, but I have my eyes on a few others on the site that I would love to get. 5/5 from me =]

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Corset Chick is also a Featured Sponsor for The Pitch List Holiday Gift Guide and will be offering a Corset of choice to one lucky winner! More details to come soon..

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