ConservingNow Envirosax Review and Giveaway

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I got one of the Envirosax Mai Tai Series to review in exchange for my honest opinion

With 105 designs to choose from, these colorful designer bags are amazing! The feedback we receive from fans tells us that they love how stylish they feel while saving the planet! Envirosax are also perfect for gift-wrapping! What better way to get someone started on the reusable bag habit than to gift-wrap a gift for them? They also make great but inexpensive teacher/family/friend gifts. Lastly, this line has some really cute bags for children, animal bags as well as perfectly sized lunch bags.

My Review

I love using reusable shopping bags. This one folds up so compactly that I can put it in even my smallest purse. I also like how big it folds out to be. I can fit A LOT of stuff in it! With 2 little boys who carry handheld games, cars, books and everything else under the sun, that’s really saying something. The bright colors and design get me a lot of comments from people when I’m out. The Envirosax is really strong and comfortable to carry. I’m buying a few more as gifts for family members this holiday season and I know they will be a big hit!

Get your own FREE car window static cling reminder. We know from our community that many shoppers want to use reusable bags but simply forget to bring them into the store. Our car window static cling reminder solves that problem as it is the last thing you see as you leave the car. Free Car Window Static Cling Reminder

ConservingNow is offering to give one reader an Envirosax of their own to try!

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