Connected: Mob Stories From My Past

Author Dr. Joe Ferry


Connected follows the lives of Trouble Ventura and his father Breezie Ventura in this collection of tales which range from hardcore “Godfather”-like mob stories to hilarious music business anecdotes.Especially entertaining are the unique and over-the-top funny episodes in Trouble’s life as a teenager growing up as the son of a Don. Author Dr. Joe Ferry is a world renowned record producer, musician, and college professor, bass player and Bronx, NY, native.

Rating: 4/5


From page 1 this story had visions of Ray Liotta in Goodfellas and James Gandolfini from The Sopranos popping into my head. The language is not for the faint of heart and the stories will have you laughing one minute and cringing the next. The book is written in an autobiographical style but the stories are actually fiction. Fiction or not you are drawn into “Trouble” Ventura’s mafia upbringing and adventures through his childhood into adulthood. A fun easy way to spend a few hours reading.

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