Computer Help Today Review

My laptop has been giving me all kinds of problems lately. It’s been running slow, overheating, randomly shutting down on me and I’ve gotten the blue error screen numerous times.

So I jumped at the opportunity to get a one time computer repair from Computer Today. I’m very paranoid about anyone else touching my computer but I’ve read other good reviews so I went for it. I have to say I was pretty impressed. The rep called and told me how to sign in so he could connect. It was very easy and quick. I did some housework and watched some of what he did. It was kind of fascinating actually lol. Turns out my computer was chock full of trojans and unneccesary junk that he removed for me. I had to re install my AVG and now things are running smoothly and much quicker than they were before. I think this is very worth the cost of the service and if I have any further issues I will be calling them back. 5/5 from me =]

They offer other services also

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