Codigo Cube Review

Codigo Cube Trivia Game is the worlds FIRST family friendly Trivia board game you play using your smartphone!


Easy Rules of play

Scan any side of the cube at random

Pick your game (Quick Play, Pick Six, Random Six)
and number of players – hit submit (You can play with anywhere from 1 to 100 players.)

Enter Player’s Names and choose their difficulty level and hit Submit.

Start playing! Roll the die and scan the face up QR Code.

Pick any of the answers by simply clicking on it. If you get the answer Correct you will be awarded 10 points and if you are incorrect you will receive zero points.

At the bottom of the Answer screen you will be able to see your score.

If you roll a category that you have already answered correctly you will not be awarded any more points but will be allowed to continue rolling.

Keep rolling until you get an incorrect answer at which point you must pass the cube to the next player.

First person to get one correct answer in all six categories wins!

Our Review

I love trivia. I actually admin a FB group that’s a trivia group. The Codigo Cube makes playing trivia really fun and super easy and portable. You can have as many players as you want. It’s a little bit bigger than a regular dice so you can just throw it in a pocket, purse, whatever. There’s several categories of trivia to choose from so everyone should find something they like. You do have to have an Android, iPad or iPhone to use this game. Codigo has their own QR reader you can download that works best with the cube. Our phones were too crappy/too old to work with this lol, but we were able to play with it with a friends phone. It’s really fun! It can get quite competitive too lol. This would be great for a long road trip or sitting waiting in a doctors office, anything where you need to kill a little time and want to have fun doing it. I give Codigo Cube a 5/5!

Codigo Cube

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