Chuggington Safari Adventure Review

My Review

There are those kids shows that annoy the crap out of you, then there are the good ones. Chuggington is definitely one of the good ones. It’s very engaging. My boys love it and make us record the episodes on DVR so they can watch it over and over lol. I love that it’s not just mindless silliness. There is a great lesson in every episode about learning, listening and friendship.

These safari themed episodes were so much fun for the boys to watch. They laughed at the fun that the Chuggington characters had hauling the different animals and helping the animals out of scrapes. The biggest excitement was from my 5 year old when he saw the DVD came with the toy train. Now he wants more of the characters, so I know what’s going in his Easter basket.

The Chuggington website has a lot of fun stuff for kids too. Coloring pages, create a scene and puzzle activities as well as a safety pledge. Visit the site, have some fun, and check out the Chuggington merchandise in the store!

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