Chastity: An Eternal Beloved Novel Review


Chastity Ann Chadwick is a self proclaimed teenage femme fatale who lives in the small sailing town of Seaport Harbor. She’s a boy eater who uses pleasure to numb the pain of her unfortunate circumstances. Little does she know, she’s on a certain path to self destruction when one of her romantic escapades gets out of hand. Life as she knows it will never be the same. Her only solace comes from an unanticipated liaison with the new mysterious guy in school. Her hopes are shattered when she realizes her newfound life is not what it seems. She will only find redemption by searching for her own truth.



My Review

I read this authors first book months ago and was hooked by her writing style. She draws you into the character’s lives easily and quickly. Chastity has had a rough life to be sure. Her mother and grandmother are harsh and her father is unwilling to acknowledge her. She deals with this the only way she knows how, by being the girl everyone loves to hate. Queen bee in school and head cheerleader, she goes through boys like tissue paper and cares not for who she hurts in her wake. Until she meets Jared. Then things get interesting. The second half of the story has a surprising twist that I did not see coming at all. A bit romance and a bit paranormal this story will make any reader happy. 4/5 from me.

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Author Biography
I am a Puerto Rican author. I grew up in Connecticut, but now I live in beautiful Puerto Rico with my husband and two kids! I have been writing since I was teenager and doing freelance work in the recent years. Grace is my first book to be published. My works in progress are Chastity: An Eternal Beloved Novel and Renaissance Quest.

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