Champion Me Books Review and Giveaway

Doug and Lori are a brother-sister team who grew up in Long Beach, CA. The parents of eight children between them and certified survivors of their dad’s “wild and crazy adventures” growing up, they came equipped with an entire arsenal of ideas and experience to aid in the creation of Champion Me Books.


I got one of each of the Personalized Children’s Books in E book format to review. I have 2 boys so I got them 2 each with their names =]

My Review

My boys were so excited when I told them I was getting books that starred them. My 7 year old reads all the time, he LOVES to read. Seeing his name in a book is very exciting to him. My 5 year old doesn’t read on his own yet, but with me and big brother helping him along it won’t be long. He really likes when we read to him. He was also over the moon that he recognized his own name in the books. The best part of these was that we were able to make the characters in the story actually look like my boys too! The stories are around 30 pages each, so they are easily read in one sitting and they hold the boys attention for the entire story. The stories are really sweet and funny. The illustrations for the stories are so vibrant, they are beautiful! The boys have been reading the books over and over and aren’t the least bit tired of them yet lol. These books would make a really great gift for any child in your life. These books get a big big 5/5 from all of us!


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