Canvas Press Review and Giveaway

Watching your kids grow up can be hard. At least now it can be stylish with our designer growth charts. Choose the design that fits your family’s style. These growth charts can fit anywhere in your home and are easy to install.

This is the design I picked for my boys

My Review

Watching my babies grow up has been an adventure to say the least. My boys are so funny. They are always telling people how big they are by stretching their arms way tall LOL. I was excited to try the designer growth charts from Canvas Press. Their online ordering was very easy to use and our chart came very quickly. It was packaged in a sturdy cardboard tube so there was no peeling or bending of the product. I picked the cute monster design because we are always calling the boys our little monsters, so it fit lol. The chart is so cute. It’s quality canvas that doesn’t tear or anything. We have really ugly wood paneling on our walls here, but we’re moving in 4 months. I just taped the chart up with sotch tape so the boys could see it and see how tall they are. I want to be able to take it with us to our new house 🙂 We’re very happy with this growth chart.

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