Candy Galaxy Pop Rocks Review

Candy Galaxy has been recognized as the premier source for purchasing candy online. We’re passionate about bringing you the candy you love and we have the widest selection of candy available to do so. Indeed, our team of candy experts is dedicated to making your life just a little bit sweeter!

I got the chance to review their Pop Rocks, including their new Green Apple flavor, in exchange for my honest opinion. free online photo editor, fun photo effects

Our Review

How did my kids get to be 5 and 7 without knowing about Pop Rocks?! I’m a slacker I guess LOL. I think my husband was the most excited about getting these though. He couldn’t wait to share these with the boys. They loved them! They were a little surprised by the sound and feeling at first, but then they really liked it! Now they ask for Pop Rocks all the time LOL. I was surprised my 5 year old liked them so much as he has some sensory issues and usually shies away from stuff like this. This is the second review I’ve done with Candy Galaxy and once again I’m very happy with their product and their service! They have some unique and “old” candy that is hard to find. I would recommend them to everyone! Check them out and find that special candy you’ve been missing or craving!

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