Butt Bench Review

Butt Bench is a sturdy, high-quality patent-pending bathtub seat made of natural wood. This tub seat supports your weight – use it to make shaving easier, or sit down, relax, and turn your shower into a sauna. Butt Bench is also a great bathtub storage ledge!

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I received a Butt Bench to review in exchange for my honest opinion

My Review

The Butt Bench. Catchy, make you giggle name huh? I am only 32 but I have Fibromyalgia and Arthritis, and I’ve had 3 surgeries on my one knee. Only a very few select people, mainly family, know that sometimes the simple act of taking a shower and shaving my legs and washing my hair can be a struggle for me. I’m pretty stubborn when it comes to accepting that I need help with some of this stuff. I flat out refuse to buy a big old ugly shower chair, I’m just not there yet. The Butt Bench is an aesthetically pleasing way to solve 2 of my problems. It gives me a shelf to set my shampoos, conditioners and soaps without them all falling all over the place. Then, it also gives me a place to sit down if I need to so I don’t slip or feel unsteady. It is very easy to install, I did it myself with no help. It stays put and doesn’t shift around at all either. It’s secure and I feel comfortable sitting on it or resting my foot on it when I need to. The fact that I was able to get it in pink was a bonus lol. The Butt Bench comes in natural color cedar or pine, and in pink or white colored pine. I would recommend this to anyone who needs a little safety help in the shower, or even if your just looking for a nice shelf for all your stuff!

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