Brothers All Natural Review and Giveaway

The brothers Matt and Travis Betters, capitalized on the U.S. trend of freeze-dried fruit in cereals and coupled that with consumers’ food concerns like portion size, calorie count and desire for healthy choices to create their own line of freeze-dried products that would revolutionize the snack market.


We received Fruit & Oats Mixed Berry and 3 Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Fruit Crisps and 1 of the Cars Lightning Apple Crisps to review.

My Review

Freeze dried is a moms best friend. Having a snack thats healthy besides is a bonus. My boys love love love fruit, any kind of fruit from bananas to pears to kiwis to tangerines. They however don’t seem to have the patience to actually sit down and eat saidd fruit in a non messy mom aggravating way lol. So I love when I find freeze dried fruit that is easy to give them and is healthy to boot. My boys are 5 and 7 so they are both into Mickey and Cars and all those characters still. I literally barely had these out of the box before they were grabbing and running off with them. I was lucky I got the pictures I got lol. These fruit crisps are not fruit “flavored”, they are real freeze dried fruit pieces. They are a really great on the go snack or a quick afternoon snack for them.


The Fruit & Oats I got to try was also delicious! I loved that it had real pieces of fruit in it, and they were big pieces too, not just little bits. It comes with the oats and fruit seperate and it’s own little spoon so you can take it with you to work, school or when you travel, and you don’t have to carry your own spoon or worry about if where your going has one. It’s very easy to make, you can use water or milk. It was supposed to just be mine but of course the boys wound up loving it too lol.


Even my grumpy, won’t eat anything natural husband liked the fruit snacks and the oatmeal. We enjoyed everything we got and would buy Brothers again!

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Brothers All Natural is giving away one of their 24 pack Disney Variety Fruit Crisps to one lucky reader!

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