Brainier Kids~The Cost of Borrowing

Brainier Kids company a division of Wealth Navigator University is a brand new, soon to be released, hilarious, engaging, entertaining and educational web program.

The books empower and entertain children with interactive readers about money, manners, character and safety – these books are very fun, full of humor, and helpful tools.

The Krystie and Thomas Learning series started with a passion. A passion to see children be their best and live their best. Children are our future generation and the best gifts that we can give them are solid training and education in a fun, interactive and nurturing fashion.

Come join Krystie, Thomas and friends and get a healthy start by making smart decisions. They begin this path with the help of their mentors: their parents, and their teacher, Mrs. Sparks. The children experience everything from setting financial goals to conducting themselves with integrity, learning how to be safe on the internet, bullying and how to deal with it and much, much more!

There’s a Manners Series and Safety Series also along with the Money Series

You can get a sneak peek and pre order the books HERE and there are prizes to be had if you decide to contribute to the project!

The books will be available July 2013

You can also follow the campaign on


$1 from every book will go towards a children’s charity of the purchaser’s choice of charity:

Child Find of America, Prevent Child Abuse America or Save the Children.

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