BOZ the Bear DVD’s Review

Understanding the importance of all aspects of early childhood development, the creators of BOZ are committed to developing entertaining stories that help reinforce key educational concepts and the foundational faith values that you are teaching your preschool children.

BOZ was created by a pair of children’s entertainment veterans: Jon Green and Dennis DeShazer (a co-creator of the phenomenally successful Barney the Dinosaur).

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Our Review

I get annoyed very easily when it comes to kids cartoons. I had seen some really nice reviews of the Boz the Bear DVD’s and decided to get some for my sons and see what they were like. I was very pleasantly surprised. This bear is not nearly as annoying as some of the other characters and cartoons out there, and in fact is very cute. The stories are very useful like eating healthy, numbers, letters, friendship and more. My boys are 5 and 7 and they both love these DVD’s. You can go to the Boz website and there are games, coloring pages, videos and screen savers for your computer. I love that these videos encompass entertainment, education and they are faith based. But it’s not an in your face, overwhelming faith aspect. It’s low key and sweet. I would recommend these DVD’s to any one with kids in this age range.

BOZ Website

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