BlankZ Review and Giveaway

The blankZ are the most creative plush toys ever because YOU do the designs, plus you can wash/dry and design again!


(please excuse the photo quality…tried to fix it but i’m not good with the photo editing yet lol)

My Review

This is one of the coolest products I’ve come across for my boys. They love to draw and color and I go through paper and coloring books like they are going out of style here. It took a lot of yelling “wait…wait a minute…mommy needs a picture!” to get them to hold their horses so I could get a before picture. They got the “No Bully” Bull character. It’s completely blank, not even eyes or nose so they got to go wild with him. It came with five markers, red, blue, green, yellow and black. This first time coloring it I made them share, so they each colored a side. They had a lot of fun and really enjoyed that it was something they could hold in their hands and color. They are even more excited that I can just wash it and it will be clean and they can start all over! I will definitely be buying one more so that they each have their own. I might even buy one for myself, your never too old to color lol.

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