Bejeweled Bubbles Review

The idea of including a jewelry surprise inside a wonderfully scented bar of soap was born during a family conversation over dinner. The idea soon blossomed into reality, and Bejeweled Bubbles was born! Not wanting the kids to be left out, we also added our handcrafted kids soaps (with a toy surprise) to our product line. We are always crafting something new and exciting, so check in often!

I received 2 items from Bejeweled Bubbles to review in exchange for my honest opinion

photo 6ca14b61-7bb5-474b-9d9b-af6781e11ae0_zpsf72c891b.jpg

I got one of the Bejeweled Bubbles Bars in Orange/Grapefruit scent and their Basically Balm Lip Balm in Grape scent

My Review

Yummy smelling soap and jewelry, what better combination could a girl ask for! First I’ll tell you about the soap.

It smells delicious! The scent is strong so it stays, but not overpowering. It didn’t irritate my skin at all and actually made my skin feel soft and really clean. I haven’t gotten to the surprise jewelry inside yet, but I’m getting close! Even though it’s in the shape of a heart, which is “girly” according to my boys, they like the smell so they use it too lol.

The lip balm is really nice also. I like having lip balm in the little tins like this. My boys always want chapstick and stuff like that that I have, and this way it doesn’t touch lips and can be shared. Especially since we are all sick right now and it seems to just be going around and around. This is scented Grape and it lasts quite a while. It makes my lips super soft and doesn’t dry up fast like some lip stuff does. The tin is the perfect size for purse, wristlet or pocket.

I’m very happy with both items and I can’t wait to buy more scents from Bejeweled Bubbles!

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