BeginAgain Toys Review and Giveaway

BeginAgain was founded on the principles, ideas, and inventions of Benjamin Barlowe, an early 20th century inventor from Fort Collins. Ben’s fantastic tales and astute observations of his grandchildren, Zadie and Fuller, are the inspiration behind our products. His archive overflows with tinkered toys, playful mechanisms, and incredible stories filled with nostalgia, history, and lessons on how things used to be.

Created by toymakers David Bowen and Chris Clemmer–two of the co-founders of Sprig Toys–BeginAgain is focused on thoughtful product design and imaginative storytelling for today’s kids. It is our goal to inspire children with stories of invention, adventure, and good old-fashioned fun. BeginAgain toys teach through play and nurture the development of the whole child.

I received the Bathtub Ball from their Hero Collection.


My Review

My boys fight me something awful at bath time. At least getting in the bath anyways. Once they are in the tub and have some toys to play with they enjoy it lol. They are obsessed with everything ocean lately, since our trip to Florida this summer. Fish, sharks, divers and boats especially. So when I got the chance to pick a toy to review from BeginAgain Toys I was excited to see the Bathtub Ball. I knew my boys would be thrilled with it, and thrilled they were! They ASKED to take a bath that night LOL. They had so much fun with this playing shark attack and “saving” the diver. I love the quality of this toy. It will hold up very well and last a long time even with my boys, they can be really rough on stuff.

My 5 year old is learning colors, numbers and letters and BeginAgain Toys has some great puzzle toys that I’d love to get him to help him with his learning. They have toys that cater to every childs personality. I’m a huge fan of this company now and I can’t wait to try some of their other products.

You can win one of these great Bathtub Ball sets for your little one by filling out this simple entry form!

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