Battle of the Species Galileo Review

Renn and Desh, two teenage boys, from vastly different worlds, must learn to overcome their differences in order to avoid the genocide marked on their species. To learn to survive, children from planets all over the Federation are sent to high schools in space, where becoming a warrior is deemed as important as learning math. With millions of advanced civilizations interacting, war among the species is inevitable. The high school, however, is not a safe haven, and the boys must fight to stay alive as they try to discover why they are being hunted.

For sport, the students compete in a monthly game called Battle of the Species (or BOTS as the kids call it), in which players must use strategy and skill to survive a foreign planet and its deadliest predators for five minutes, before moving on to the next level. The game soon becomes painfully real and a terrifying preview of what the boys are about to face.

My Review
I don’t read a lot of science fiction, but this one sounded intriguing so I decided to give it a read. I’m so glad I did too. This was such an exciting read. The author describes her characters and setting in such depth you can close your eyes and you feel like you are there. And the characters…wow! I kept going back and forth between picturing scenes from Star Wars and scenes from Men In Black. The creativity and uniqueness just blew me away. There’s thrills, mystery, intrigue and even a little love all entwined together to create one of the greatest science fiction stories I’ve ever read. I loved the Battle of The Species game in the story, I would tell you why I loved it but I feel that would be too big of a spoiler lol. The ending is…I just don’t have words! I want the second book…I NEED the second book, and I need it NOW LOL. If you are a science fiction or adventure fan this is a series you will want to check out! A big 5/5!!

About the Author
I started out as an actress in cringe-worthy no-budget indie films, then moved on to casting and producing. I’ve been a writer for as long as I can remember, writing short stories and screenplays. I recently finished my first book called Galileo, which is the first book in a five-book series – a YA space adventure. My goal is to tell the story through different entertainment platforms (books, comics, movies, video games, etc…), but for now, please enjoy book #1

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