Bailey Berry Review

Founded in 2010, the Bailey Berry™ brand is the culmination of a two year mission to create the perfect kids’ shoes. Bailey Berry™ is inspired by the vibrant environments of Manhattan, the Hamptons and the Adirondacks. Not wanting to sacrifice fashion for function BB STARS™ are fun and built to the highest quality standards.


I received a pair of the Black BB Stars Kid’s Shoes in exchange for my honest opinion

This children’s shoe is designed to be lightweight and protective. Each pair of shoes has our patented Reversa Strap™ with four different strap designs that kids can mix & match including Graffiti, Dragon, Camouflage and Skull & Crossbones. Children’s bracelet and reusable waterproof mesh bag also included
They are..

Anti Microbial
Reversa Strap™
Made of Recycled Materials


My Review

My 5 year old Caden is known as the barefoot bubba here. 9 times out of 10 he doesn’t have shoes (let alone clothes lol) on. During the summer I wind up buying a few dozen pairs of $1 flip flops because he refuses to leave them on and he loses them constantly (I think on purpose lol). He just doesn’t like to have anything on his feet period. That makes Winter torture let me tell you. When I saw the Bailey Berry shoes I couldn’t wait to get a pair and see how they would go over with him. They are very lightweight, they have the star openings and the straps with the designs. I just knew he would love them and want to actually wear them. Imagine my relief when we got them and he was actually excited! When they came it hadn’t snowed yet so he got to wear them around for a couple weeks. He likes the Camouflage straps best, but he also just likes them without the straps. He seems to tolerate wearing these really well compared to flip flops so I think I know what we will be buying more of come summer lol. It has been snowing here now so he hasn’t been able to wear them outside. But with the mesh bag he can take them with him when he goes to gramma’s house and take his sneakers off and put these on. I love how durable they are. He’s worn them a good bit, outside and inside, and they still look like they’ve barely been worn. I will absolutely be buying another pair for my 7 year old for the coming summer. We are making a big move from PA to FL and these will be great for traveling! I wish they came in my size! 5/5 🙂

P.S. Don’t mistake these for Crocs! They are so much nicer then those and the material feels lighter and breathes better 🙂 My little’s feet stink usually, like rank LOL With these…no stinky!
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