Baby Geniuses Mystery of the Crown Jewels

When the Queen of England’s crown jewels mysteriously go missing, there’s only one team for the job: The Baby Squad! The Baby Agent Bureau of International Espionage and Safety (aka B.A.B.I.E.S.) calls upon the team, consisting of little Skip Bobbins, three of his toddler pals and his family, the world’s only grown-ups who understand the language of babies, to embark on a top-secret mission to find the jewels. Using their stealth abilities and a range of high-tech gadgets to uncover important clues, the height-challenged heroes soon learn that items have begun disappearing all over Europe with no suspect in sight. But when the rescue team starts to see the same toddler, Big Baby, wherever they go, they realize they’ve found their traveling thief! It’s up to the Baby Squad to track down the crown jewels and return them to the Queen before Big Baby makes even more big trouble!

Our Review

My boys love movies. They loved the first Baby Geniuses and they love this one even more. Something about talking babies just sends them into huge fits of giggles and keeps their attention for a whole movie lol. They were just so engrossed in the movie and had such a good time watching it. It was cute and innocent and had some great adventure to boot. This would be a great movie for family night with some pizza and popcorn and cuddling with the kids. We all loved this movie and laughed plenty! I would tell anyone with little kids to have a movie night with Baby Geniuses 🙂

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