Awaited Guest Post

Nothing like a plane crash to help you find your destiny…
Hi, everyone. Russell, here. Lynn Rush wrote about me in her latest novel, Awaited. My sweet Annabelle had to help me write this post as I’m just now becoming familiar with blogging. She’s very good at working with computers.
It’s not really my thing. I think I’m much like David in that fashion. While his book Wasteland was being promoted, he had to show up on a few blogs and interviews. It’s so weird to think that I, a Guardian, am anything like a half-demon—eh well, former half-demon—but we do have a few things in common.
One thing—we resist change. Probably because over the four centuries we’ve existed, we’ve seen things come and go, so we don’t really know what’s going to stick around for good. Jessica, our Merus, keeps trying to “modernize” us older Guardians, but I think we frustrate her more than anything. For instance, I’d rather just pick up the telephone and call someone than have a computer chip implanted behind my ear in order to contact them.
Call me old-fashioned.
Another thing we have in common—we found our mates in unexpected places. You’ll have to read Wasteland to hear David and Beka’s story, but for me, I found Annabelle in a plane crash—and she was unconscious.
Here’s a little snippet from the story.
I breathed into her, then turned and drew in a gulp of air and let it flow into her. A gentle scent of sandalwood and sugar wrapped around me. Coiled me in warmth. The woman flinched beneath me.
Then coughed.
I tilted her to the side and water spewed from her mouth. A tremor rocked her little body. The crackle of a flame, and the scent of burning leaves filled the air. “There you go. Get it out.” I patted her back.
She flopped back and her eyes opened wide.
The same honey irises I’d seen a hundred times in my dreams stared at me. “Can you hear me?”
The lids hung heavy over her dilated eyes, then slid shut.
“No. No. Stay with me.” I patted her shoulder.
Durk joined me, kneeling beside her on the other side. I pressed my finger to her neck.
“She’s got to be in shock. Freezing. Get that fire going.” I peeled my shirt over my head as I stood. “Find all you can to get a small shelter formed around the fire.” I ripped at the belt securing my soggy pants to me. “I’ll warm her up.”
Wasn’t exactly how I’d dreamed I would first lay with a woman, but I’d be damned if I was going to let her die.
She was mine.

I couldn’t believe it when I saw her. The woman I’d dreamt of for months—and Guardians aren’t known for having prophetic dreams, mind you. But then again, I never would have thought I’d team up with a half-demon, either. So, things are changing all around, that’s for sure. I guess I will have to get used to it. How did you meet your mate?

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Prelude to Darkness By Lynn Rush
eBook: 60 pages – Published: May 2012 by Crescent Moon Press Little Moons

For a slave, hope is a dangerous thing.

Margaret Rousseau dreams of freedom from a life of servitude. When a mysterious woman saunters into the servants’ tavern promising the impossible, Margaret dares to hope she could win the heart of the one man she has secretly coveted since she first wore a corset… The Prince.

Margaret desperately grasps for the opportunity to change her bleak destiny by placing faith in a woman who is not as forthcoming as she seems. Blinded to the stranger’s dark motives, Margaret surrenders herself to gain her heart’s desires.

But her choice may bring forth a darkness that could destroy all she holds dear.

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