Auric Blends Review

Our classic line of 1/3 ounce, oil based roll on perfumes is our top selling product line. Created with a combination of exotic, imported perfume ingredients from around the globe, each of our hand-blended perfumes are a journey within themselves.

Auric Blends perfume roll ons are enjoyed by millions of people throughout the world. Our oils have been chosen for regional awards, (Majik was voted best love potion by New York Press), and they are adored intensely by our loyal customers and fans. They’ve also been reviewed on to a grand array of praises.
With 40 fragrances to choose from and collections that range from floral and fruit to oriental and fresh fragrances, you’re certain to find one, or maybe more, favorites!

I got Vanilla Rain and Water Goddess to review

My Review

I love the smell of Vanilla, anything vanilla. I picked Vanilla Rain to review and along with that I also got Water Goddess. I love roll on perfumes. So easy to use and you can take them everywhere with you so you can freshen up whenever you want. I also like that you’re not spraying the perfume into the air. Both my boys have asthma so I usually have to walk outside to spray my perfumes or body spray and I can’t put much on. With the roll ons from Auric I can put it on when, where and in any amount I want! I could not wait to smell these and I was NOT disappointed. They smell WONDERFUL. The price is well within anybodys budget I would think. I personally am going to buy several more scents to try.

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