Auntie Anne’s At-Home-Baking-Kit Review

Fresh. Piping hot. With a taste unto itself. Auntie Anne’s hand-rolled soft pretzels.

Anne and Jonas Beiler didn’t set out to create pretzel perfection when they purchased a Pennsylvania farmer’s market stand in 1988. Instead, they hoped to provide free counseling services to families and couples in their community, and purchased the stand to provide the income needed for their vision. After some experimentation and a few mishaps, Anne and Jonas created a pretzel that customers quickly dubbed “better than the best you’ve ever tasted,” which is the same pretzel we all know and love today.

I had the pleasure of reviewing one of the At-Home-Baking Kits


I picked the Apple Cinnamon kit to try.

My Review

My husband is the baker in the family. I seem to mess up even the simplest cake mixes lol. So I figured I would supervise and he would do the baking. I wanted to take pictures of all the steps…but we we’re arguing too much LOL. To me the directions were very clear cut and easy to understand. To my husband I guess there was some interpretive leeway. Hence a missed photo opp lol. I feel the need to explain that this is not a water, dough, mix and go type of baking kit. You have to follow the directions closely and mix, knead, let rise and so on. Here’s a few pictures of the pretzel sticks we decided to make as we were rolling them and baking them.


As you can see in the last picture we even made a N and a C for my boys names. As much work as these were, they were very fun to make and tasted delicious!! My 5 year old got to help with the rolling and making the letters. He had a blast. These tasted just like the Auntie Anne’s that we buy when we go to the mall. The baking kit would make a great gift for anyone in your life who loves to bake and loves Auntie Anne’s.

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