Ateevia Botanica Review

Ateevia Botanica is an all natural topical treatment for the long-term relief of persistent joint aches and muscle discomfort. The deeply penetrating botanical formula is safe and fast-acting. Recommended by physicians, physical therapists, and chiropractors to soothe joints, muscles, and tissues.

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My Review

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I have tried a lot of different creme’s and salves and what not for muscle pain. I can’t use most of them. They irritate my skin, are too hot or cold or are otherwise uncomfortable to use. Not to mention the smell. I read up on Ateevia and decided to give it a try to see if it really was different. I was pretty happy with this product. There is almost no smell, it doesn’t sting or tingle and it’s not hot or cold. It’s easy to apply and rubs in completely with no greasy feel. I used it on the back of my calf where I got run into with a motorized cart in the store. My sister wasn’t watching where she was going. It bruised up pretty good as you can see, and it hurt like hell. I used the Ateevia for a week on my leg. It worked really well. I was happy with the relief it provided and I love that it didn’t stain my clothes and it wasn’t sticky on my leg. I’ve told a few of my friends that have some of the same issues I do that they should try this. I’m very with Ateevia and would definitely buy it again.

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