Asher’s Chocolate Review

At Asher’s Chocolates, we understand that one of life’s sweetest pleasures is a simple box of chocolates. A family-owned-and-operated business, we’ve been making our fine chocolates and other classic confections for over four generations.

Asher’s Chocolates offers an award-winning selection of chocolates and other sweets—from assorted pralines to our Chocolate-Smothered Pretzels and creamy fudge. We also have one of the largest (and most delicious) lines of sugar-free chocolates in the country.

Our original family recipes began with Chester A. Asher, a Scottish farm boy from Canada, with a passion for chocolates and a knack for getting to the heart of a sugar craving. Always on the hunt for new ways to delight his customers, he was ever perfecting his creations, jotting new recipes down on bags of sugar.

Today, we use the freshest, purest ingredients, just as Chester did. And we never skimp on deliciousness. Though our company has expanded over the years, we continue to treat our customers and employees like family. Asher’s Chocolates are made with love. We hope you enjoy them and come back for more.

Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Sandwhiches

My Review

Chocolate! I could, and do sometimes, eat chocolate all day every day lol. Milk chocolate, dark chocolate and white chocolate Add in things like peanut butter, cherries or other fillings and I’m in chocolate heaven. I was super excited to try out some Asher’s Chocolate. Everyone here loves peanut butter so I picked the milk chocolate peanut butter sandwiches These sandwiches are huge! And heavy lol. As much as I love chocolate even I cannot eat this in one sitting. The chocolate is rich, the peanut butter is creamy, this is just heaven! Asher’s has a huge selection of chocolates so your sure to find the perfect gift for yourself or someone you want to gift it to. Chocolates from Asher’s are the perfect holiday gift for the chocolate lover in your life. 5/5 from me!

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