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Arttextry is the marriage between art and text (Thought), the relation and reflection of one with the other. I thought that creating posters would be the best medium to showcase such a marriage. Our high quality, full color ArtTextry posters are produced in a Heildelberg Showcase facility with Heildelberg 5 and 6 speed masters with in-line UV coating and state-of-the-art direct-to-plate systems presses.

Hung on a wall in your room, living area or office, ArtTextry posters may be proudly displayed as they serve as a source of daily inspiration. The artwork, tastefully done, by very talented local artist here in Miami,will draw you near to read.

I picked the Open To Life poster to review in exchange for my honest review

The thinking behind the quote, “Open to life”.

We should always challenge death, not by living recklessly but, by living hopefully, purposefully and passionately. You don’t have to carry the weight of the fear of Death on your chest as you go through life. As you stand in your door and face the sun, think of Death as just a shadow behind you. Step outside with the lack of care or concern Death deserves.You have life now. Live it.

My Review

I love to have inspirational posters, pictures and the such around my house to keep me going. I have chronic illness, and a child with special needs. Life can get pretty hectic and sometimes discouraging here. I absolutely love the message on this. It’s so perfect for me right now. We are making a HUGE move from PA to FL this weekend. It is very exciting for my family but there is a lot of unknown and nervousness. This posters message lifts me up when I read it. I know this will be great for us. I love the picture on it also. I would love to have more of these! I recommend Arttextry highly!

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