Arctic Zero Review and Giveaway

About Arctic Zero

At Arctic Zero, we love ice cream. We’ve always loved ice cream. But we hated the fact that everyone who loves it pays for it in the worst possible way: compromising their health. Nothing else on the market came close to offering both great taste and demonstrated health benefits, so we decided to invent a great tasting dessert that did.

Originally developed as a soft serve, Arctic Zero began offering pints in stores by early 2009 as a result of sustained consumer demand. Many describe it as a “super dessert” – a product that provides top nutrition, posses health benefits, has no drawbacks, and appeals to just about everyone. Many fans describe it as their favorite late night sweet treat because it doesn’t ruin a day of healthy eating or sit heavy making you feel sluggish, making it that much more delicious.

Arctic Zero sought from its inception to offer families across America a low calorie dessert that would allow them to indulge in their frozen sweet tooth cravings without sacrificing a healthy lifestyle. As health issues rise across the country such as diabetes and obesity, Arctic Zero confronts this trend by providing a product that displaces the myth that a dessert must be high in fat and calories in order to taste good. We encourage fans to explore all the flavors and find your favorite. We hope you enjoy as much as we do!

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My Review

Who doesn’t like ice cream? Not me that’s for sure! I love ice cream. I was so excited when Arctic Zero sent me their ice cream in 8 different flavors to try. Arctic Zero is all natural, no GMO, fat free and is even ok for those with lactose intolerance. It’s also low glycemic & suitable for Type 2 Diabetes which means I was able to share with my dad too! I’ve always kind of associated “healthy” with yucky lol. This is not the case with this ice cream. I will tell you this does not have the same smooth and creamy texture as say Breyers or an ice cream like that does. It does taste a little different but it is still very good. My spoiled little 4 and 7 year old boys, who are picky as can be, love this ice cream. My personal favorite was the Mint and the boys love the Cookies and Cream. A 4/ from this house =]. Arctic Zero can be purchased on Amazon and is in many stores right now, with more to come soon.

Arctic Zero is going to give one lucky reader some of their ice cream! All you have to do is enter on the Rafflecopter below =]

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