Aoede Muse Is Love a Fairy Tale CD Review

Is Love A Fairy Tale? plays like an audiobook, complete with narration. It tells the story of Aoede the Muse who goes searching for love in a magical kingdom called and meets colorful characters along the way. It features songs from Aoede’s April 2012 release Skeletons of the Muse, along with four new original tracks, theatrical duets between Aoede and the characters. Love is an ongoing theme that permeates Aoede’s songs. As evident by the CD cover, it is the heart of Is Love A Fairy Tale?

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My Review

This CD is so catchy and unique. I have 2 little boys and I had hoped they would like this. My 5 year old likes it, my 7 year old gives me the stink eye LOL, but he’s just at that age. I think I may share this with my best friend who has 4 girls in her house 🙂 The music is very fun and engaging and stays in your head all day. I love all fairy tales, and I love greek mythology even more so this is right up my alley. The narration through out really brings the story in the music together. We, well me and the 5 year old, really enjoy this and I can’t wait to share with my friend and her girls and see what they think too. 5/5 🙂

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