Adventures of A Graveyard Girl *REVIEW*

Kait Lenox is back! It’s Homecoming Dance time and Kait is excited. It’s her first dance with a date and that date is none other than one of the hottest, most popular guys in her school, Ethan Ripley! For once Kait doesn’t feel like a funeral crashing weird girl and it’s the most perfect romantic evening ever…at least until a girl gets murdered in the high school bathroom. Rumors fly, panic ensues, and Kait can’t help herself, she assigns herself to the case!

My Review!

I’m many years out of high school so I feel I have the “right” to use the word adorable lol. That is exactly what Kait Lenox is! She’s an adorable, extremely likeable and easy to relate to main character that any woman any age will find herself falling in love with. Kait’s million mile a minute inner voice keeps the story moving at a fast pace and keeps the reader on their toes. The clues to the mystery are doled out at just the right pace to leave the reader guessing to the very last moment. In this book Kait faces her second murder mystery, this time set within the walls of her high school. Mystery and sweet tennage romance make for a great quick read that you won’t be able to put down.

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