Adopt Foster Volunteer Calendar

Would you please help us save more homeless cats and dogs?

Time is running out on so many of our friends as overcrowded shelters have to choose between turning one away or putting one “down” to make the room for the next. There’s another way … a better way.

Our Adopt * Foster * Volunteer Pup & Purr Opportunities Calendar is full of days and ways, life-saving promotional dates, tips, tools & techniques to help you do the most for your fur-friends in need and inspire your friends to join in and help too.

Handy * Practical & Inspirational.
Use it to support your beloved rescue or shelter and to make the most of your life with your own beloved companions

Calendar components include:

Monthly calendar with events and opportunities.
Includes plenty of space for you to add your own!

Monthly Activity Pages which feature:

  • “Easy Opportunities to Help”. This consists of two to three easy-does-it but oh so helpful ways you and your family can support your rescue.
  • Recommended reading selections that fit with the month’s rescue ‘theme’. For example, September is “Adopt A Senior Pet Month.” Reading recommendations include: Why Good Things Happen to Good People, The Healing Power of Pets Harnessing the Amazing Ability of Pets to Make and Keep People Happy and Healthy and Rescuing Sprite.

Tales of fostered and adopted tails! The Calendar and Activity pages feature rescued fur-friends including Albert the Joy Dog, Lana Love and Gengus Le Chat. Photos and highlights of their journey are shared here to inspire much more of the same.

Health Benefits of Friendship, Gratitude, Mirth, Pups & Purrs, Smiles, Volunteerism and Walking. You’ll be surprised – even amazed by what we’ve uncovered. You can use the quotes, stats and facts to encourage your contacts to “add-one-more” or to love again after the loss of a beloved companion.

ICE (In Case of Emergency) Page. Handy place to list your essential contacts – for you and your companions. We start you off with the “Pet Poison Hotline” and the go to site for your local weather report. You add in the rest: Doctors, Vets, Emergency After Hour Contacts, Companion Care Provides, Pup and Purr Rescue Contacts, Neighbors, Animal Control and more …

The “Essential & Eclectic Contact Listing” will keep you hanging onto your calendar for years to come! Includes: Articles, Associations & Organizations, Education and Training Resources, Exercise Contact Opportunities, Diet Recommendations, Foster Parent Suppliers, Fundraising Ideas, Pet-Friendly Hotel and Home Insurance Providers, Pet-Sitting Providers, Pet Service Franchise Opportunities, Volunteer Base Building Reports and opportunities to save money on everyday essential products and services.

Special “Early Bird” Discount on DogCaption Christmas and Thank You Card Packs to help you get ready for the holidays frugally and to make it fun and memorable for your friends and family!

Special page of Stats&Facts on he website about friendship, Gratitude, Pups, Hugs and more!

You can also find links to Articles and Special Reports and well as Volunteer Building and Retention Resources on the above linked page.

Use this LINK to purchase the calendar and you can immediately download, print and start using it!

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