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I got to review the Tin Can Robot, The Green Rocket and The Pocket Volcano!

This is the Robot hiding in the wrapping paper lol

Make your own robot with a recycled soda cans and turn it into a silly robot that can move! Kit includes all working parts, motor, wheels, arms, googly eyes.

Launch your own rocket! This fun kit makes an air powered rocket and launcher, using a couple recycled plastic drink bottles and a few old magazine pages.

Perform your own ‘volcanic eruptions’ on the tabletop, in the bath or even inside a glass. It’s an awesome science gadget that will captivate your attention.

You can check out all the cool toys and projects available in their
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My Review

My kids and my husband had so much fun with these projects! My boys are at the perfect age where their brains soak up knowledge like little sponges. They both love working with their hands and building things and putting things together. We did the green rocket first. my husband did most of the putting together. Once he got it set up we took it outside to try it. They loved it! They took turns stomping on the bottle that launches the rocket for like 30 minutes at least lol. These rockets really fly too! They aren’t weak.

The other items went over just as big. Each project used different skills and taught them something new. These are great for after school or weekend projects, or just for the heck of it. The quality is good and they are really affordable also. These would make great birthday or Christmas gifts for the blooming scientist in your life!

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